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Veria Search Media Marketing has a long and successful digital marketing track record that stretches back to 1995. We have a thorough understanding of how Internet search works and is evolving, including eelements like social search, semantic search, universal and local search and more. We have repeatedly increased website traffic and sales for a long list of satisfied and exclusive customers.  How do we do this?

  • We perform comprehensive, competitive keyword market research to identify the top keyword phrases that will drive traffic and sales.
  • We help you to optimize the existing pages and visible text of your website, concentrating on key pages that will provide the highest ROI, helping you to create new ones as necessary, and strengthening the relevant cross linking within your site.
  • We help you take advantage of opportunities in search offered on social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,  Google+, and Linked In and other key niche websites.
  • We provide ongoing analysis and recommendations after the initial optimization is completed to ensure the longevity of results.
  • We create and optimize advertising programs on search engines and social networks that balance exposure with results to give your business the best possible value.

Below is a sampling of some of the recent digital marketing clients we have worked with:

Screen Media

Battle Castle, Parallax Films, Vancouver
Emma Approved, Pemberley Digital, Montana & San Francisco
Fly Colt Fly, Barefoot Bandit Productions, Toronto
Guardians Evolution, Karma Films, Saskatoon
Parked, red trike media, Vancouver
The Other Side, Angel Productions, Saskatoon
The Runner Web Series, Leaping Lizards Productions, Vancouver
TBD Unnamed Web Series, National Film Board of Canada, Edmonton
Terry’s Off, Farmhouse Productions, Toronto
Welcome to Sanditon, Pemberley Digital, Montana & San Francisco
Who Killed Gandhi?, Karma Films, Saskatoon


Our Principal

Annelise Larson:

Annelise Larson, partner Veria Search Media Marketing

Annelise comes from a background as an independent producer, with training at such prestigious institutions at the Canadian Film Centre (Producer’s Lab) and Banff Centre for the Arts (Electronic and Film Media). Since 1995 she has been working in the field of digital marketing. Her focus is on Internet search and social media, the invaluable resource of online data, and how to empower her clients, students and collaborators with the skills and knowledge most relevant to their target markets.

Since 2009 Annelise has been working with government organizations and production companies in the film, television and interactive industries. She uses the power of online language and data to help content creators define, find, attract and engage their audiences and work toward strategic and sustainable business models that fit into our new transmedia world. She has sat on the Interactive Fund jury for BC Film + Media (now Creative BC) and the Experimental Fund for the Canada Media Fund. She has taught across the country on behalf of such organizations as Telefilm, Women in Film, BC Film + Media, CHRC and the Independent Production Fund.  She has developed online marketing strategies for digital and screen media products as diverse as social TV apps, transmedia experiences, webisode series, feature films, television series and production companies themselves. She currently sits on the board of the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association (SMPIA), is working with a wide roster of clients in media and business including the team behind the Emmy award-winning Lizzie Bennet Diaries web series,  is developing a curriculum in transmedia storytelling with the National Screen Institute of Canada and Jeff Gomez, and has joined the OneStory team as Digital Strategist.

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