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Digital Marketing Services for Business

Veria offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing services. A recommended marketing program for your website may include:

Online Marketing Coaching

A series of  meetings or training sessions (via phone, skype or in person) with one of our senior strategists to discuss tactics, set goals and guide implementation of the online and search marketing strategy for your business. This is an afforable DIY option for those with limited budgets but a need for expert advice and direction.

Search & Digital Marketing Plans

Comprehensive plans including an online market assessment, analysis of key strategic issues as well as a proposed budget and timeline for a search and digital marketing plan.

Search Marketing & Website Audits

Invaluable intelligence about critical areas in your website, its analytics and tactics and how it compares to key online competition. Audit of search advertising programs also available.

Search Market/Keyword Research

The foundation of all search marketing. Find out how your audience is searching for your products and services, and what language your online competition is using to attract sales and traffic.

Online Competitive Research

Gain in-depth knowledge of the online marketplace and how savvy your competitors are when it comes to search marketing. What are the potential opportunities and threats for your business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The workhorse of search marketing, proper SEO ensures your website is  using the right keywords in the right places, providing the proper big picture context and keeping problematic technologies to a minimum. All with the end goal of gaining a strong non-paid search presence.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search & Social Media Advertising

Paid presence on the big search engines and social media means you don’t have to worry as much about making your site search friendly and can offer   more specific targeting of keywords and phrases. But once you stop paying the presence ends.

Video Search Optimization

Video elements are turning up in search results more and more often. Make sure your videos are search friendly in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media now informs non-paid search engine presence and in some cases replaces the engines as a searching tool. It is important to optimize your business presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the other major social networks for these reasons.

Niche Community/Audience Development

While everyone is talking about the big social networks, there is a lot of opportunity and less competition on relevant niche sites for community building and another kind of social media presence.

Online PR & Reputation Management

Negative online publicity can hurt the non-paid search presence of your online brand. It is important to keep track of where your website, products, and brand are appearing and how people are talking about them in order to be a part of this important conversation.


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