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Digital Marketing Services for Screen Media

Since 2009 we have collaborated with government organizations, producers and production companies in the film and television industry. We have developed digital marketing strategies for products as diverse as webisode series, feature films, television shows, transmedia experiences and social TV apps. During this time we have discovered that not even the biggest players in film and television are taking full advantage of Internet marketing.

Search marketing for TV, film and videoThe Opportunity

Because  digital marketing is not being fully exploited for screen properties, there is a huge opportunity for those who do to take the lead as an innovator in the field. To this end, we have compiled some packages tailored specifically for TV, film and online video. You also may want to check out the resources we have put together for this sector as well.

Digital Marketing Packages for Filmmakers

Please contact us to ask for details and pricing on the following packages designed for TV and film as well as the custom work we can do for your screen media project:

  • Digital Marketing Coaching for Film, TV & Video
  • Online Language Bible
  • The Big Online Picture: Comprehensive Digital Market Research
  • Your Digital Audience: Demographic Intelligence, Competitive & Trend Research
  • The Whole Application Package: Digital Market Research & Strategy
  • Site & Search Marketing Audit & Competitive Review
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultation
  • Premium SEO Package (includes social media & video search optimization)

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Contact us to find out more about how to leverage digital and search marketing as part of the promotion plan for your next film, TV, video or transmedia project.