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Telefilm Talent to Watch Digital Marketing Expert

Congratulations! Your project is one of the lucky 50 selected for this year's Talent to Watch program from Telefilm!

Annelise Larson, digital marketing expert, Telefim Talent to WatchYou are now required to hire a digital marketing expert who will help you “elaborate and put in place a promotion and digital marketing strategy” for your feature film, web series or short.

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Annelise  is a digital marketing strategist, consultant and mentor who has worked with over 40 Telefilm Micro-Budget teams over the past three years (including Black Cop, Sun at Midnight, Lovely Witches Club & many others), as well as over 200 television, film, documentary, web series and transmedia projects over the past 20+ years. Based on this, she has put together a special package deal, especially for Talent to Watch projects in the 2018-2019 cohort.

The Talent to Watch digital marketing package includes:

  • a detailed digital strategy document based on deep market research into the specific target audiences (as well as the online influencers, communities & conversations) you will need to activate to achieve digital success;
  • a flexible phased plan for the digital marketing, distribution and promotion;
  • ongoing consultation, mentorship and support for up to 2 years.

Annelise teaching the Telefilm Micro-Budget Production participants, 2017

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