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Based in both Saskatoon and Vancouver, Veria Search Media Marketing has been a part of almost 20 years of online success stories. We have deep expertise in search marketing and how it is evolving and use that knowledge to inform effective content and social media strategies. We love working on creative digital media projects, but we also take great pride in helping businesses of any size find success online. Our principal, Annelise Larson, travels throughout North America teaching and presenting about her passion for online language and data and how it can help film, television, web series, transmedia and other digital storytellers create viable businesses online.

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From Search to Screen:A Filmmaker's Guide to Digital Marketing

My #DigiCanCon Thoughts: Audience, Data & Diversity

The federal consultations on Canadian content in the digital world (#DigiCanCon) are winding down, and I have been very interested in the discussions happening across the country. I have found them both frustrating and inspiring and feel driven to add my thoughts to this important conversation. Here are some of the questions and answers I have been mulling over: First of all, how could my input help? I have been lucky enough to work with many Canadian and international content creators of film,

The Importance of the Discoverers (aka the Audience)

There is a lot of great discussion in the Canadian film, television and screen media industry right now about “discoverability.” A report was just published by the CMF on the topic, and there is a Discoverability Summit happening in Toronto right now co-hosted by the CRTC and the NFB. I am watching the livestream of the two days and following along on Twitter. The CanCon Question(s) Our Canadian government financing and programming for this industry has been about supporting our creative storyte

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